Choosing a baby’s name may be a very personal decision for parents. Many parents spend months contemplating the appropriate name, sometimes waiting to see their child in person before making a decision. However, one mother chose a name for her kid that has left her entire family and all of her friends perplexed and horrified – and they’re asking the mom to change the baby’s name as quickly as possible.

A 27-year-old mother from Devon, United Kingdom recently called into The Jeremy Vine Show to reveal her baby name. Although the mother, Josie King, has received backlash for the name from internet users worldwide, she insists that it was not named after Lucifer the devil due to her lack of religious affiliation.

King is the mother of two, but her “miracle baby” was given the perplexing moniker. The young male came into this world following a decade of losses for King’s other children at childbirth. Apparently, King enjoyed the sound of the name “Lucifer” and discovered it in a baby name book. In Latin, Lucifer means “bearer of light,” so she thought it sounded like a good name for her extraordinary son.

King caused controversy when she called into The Jeremy Vine Show to share her decision to name her baby boy Lucifer. Although she received a lot of hate from fans of the show who felt that she went too far by naming the child after the devil, she insists that it was an innocent choice that had nothing to do with Satan or the underworld of hell.

King stated: “I’ve been called ‘an atheist.’ – I didn’t even know what an atheist was till last night. Everyone has their own beliefs. When it comes to religion and real life, they are very different things – one is actually living, and the other is in a book. The devil is not the meaning of my son’s name.”

King’s decision to name his child Lucifer sparked outrage among the public, as most people linked the child’s name with the devil.

“I have was diagnosed with hemiplegia in September, then found out I was pregnant with Lucifer in October,” King stated. “So the pregnancy alone was stressful. I looked at thousands of baby names, and it wasn’t a decision I made lightly because I knew it was the last child I could ever have. I had Lucifer six years since the birth of my first daughter because during that time. I lost ten children.”

King continued, “I never thought I would be given a chance to have a second child. I assumed I was having a girl, so I picked a girl’s name because we are a very female-dominated family. I was going to call her Narnia, but then I found out I was having a boy. I like the names I like. It may not be right for other people. When I chose his name, I knew people wouldn’t like it, but it’s not up to them.”

What are your thoughts on naming a child Lucifer?