There are a few different types of onions, and many people think that you are supposed to treat them all the same when you cook with them or store them. Onions can be eaten raw, they can be cut into rings and fried, or they can be diced and added to recipes.

There is a funny video that you can watch that gives a little insight as to how you should treat the onion. Onions can be kept for up to two months if you put them in a paper bag with small holes on the side of the bag.

You want to leave them in the pantry instead of putting them in the refrigerator.

Insert a hair pick in an onion before cutting it to relieve some of the pressure that tends to cause tears. You can also use the hair pick to get straight lines when you begin slicing the onion. The skin of an onion can be used in a stock to give more flavor.

It can also give broth a brown color. Replace a small bit of flour in your bread recipes with dried onion skin for a savory component. Strain the skin of two onions after they have been boiled, drinking the water before bed to relieve muscle cramps.