There are discovers made every day that have a simple description.

However, there are also those that leave even scientists scratching their heads because they don’t know what to make of what has been found. One is the Moa bird.

The bird can’t fly and lived in New Zealand until about 1500. A claw of one of the birds was recently found.

The Temple Complex is a stone creation that has been made in Peru without using any mortar to keep it together.

The stones are so close together in some places that a piece of paper can’t get through.

Each block has a smooth surface, and no one seems to know how the complex was created.

There is an underwater city of Yonaguni in Japan.

Divers discovered the city, and scientists have found that the rocks were submerged about 10,000 years ago. Some think that those who lived in caves made the city. One of the profound discoveries is in Canada.

It’s the L’Anse aux Meadows. This was a settlement that was discovered by the Vikings. This shows that there were likely people in North America before Christopher Columbus arrived.

The meadow is surrounded by a wooden fence to keep people out.