In a Virginia neighborhood, an elementary school ran the After School Satan Club program- a safe space for kids to learn more about Satanism. But upon hearing of this club’s existence, nearby citizens were outraged and began demanding that it be disbanded immediately! The community was largely opposed to having such a controversial organization in their town; as they saw it, this could potentially damage how the area is perceived by outsiders.

Though some anti-Satanists may have crossed the line with their bomb threat to B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake, Virginia, it was this threat that caused students’ safety to become a priority and prompted an early dismissal of school for the day; such threats could not be taken lightly and thus placed the institution into a “level one lockdown”. The gravity of these potential dangers was far too real for them to ignore.

Just days after the school hosted a meeting of its After School Satan Club, an email alerting administrators to a bomb threat was sent. The email’s writer berated officials for permitting such a club in their establishment.

“You are evil. There is no other way to put it,” the email reads. “You promote devil worship and un-Islamic values.”

The .M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake, Virginia is not the only school that houses a Satanic Club – it’s actually part of a nationwide endeavor from the Satanic Temple. However, we must emphasize that this after-school program does NOT teach Satanism to its youth participants; instead, as per their website information about the club, it seeks to educate children on “the literary and philosophical nature of Satan.” Owing to its strange but educational concept, After School Satan Clubs have sprung up all over America!

Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the Temple, emphasized that their After School Satan Club seeks to “educate children and encourage critical thinking” without imposing any religious dogma.

Although the after-school program does not teach Satanic beliefs, various chapters of the club have met with intense hostility from concerned parents across America.

In November, a chapter of the Satan Club appeared in an elementary school in Tehachapi, California – leaving parents reeling with disbelief and distress.

One furious parent denounced the club as “disgusting,” and another declared it was “a mistake” that had to be corrected.

Parents of Virginia strongly believe that the Satanic club has no place in their schools, with protests occurring since its inception on February 16th. 2023. As a result, they have been actively calling for it to be shut down completely and permanently.

“This is a hassle, this is a lot, to be worried about your children’s safety over a club is unnecessary,” said one mom.

“They need to fix it,” another parent said. “They need to stop it and get them away from the .”

Authorities are treating the bomb threat with utmost gravity.