Just a few weeks ago, an elderly woman was found outside of our local hospital in a frail condition. To this day, the police remain perplexed as to who she is and are now appealing to the public for help in identifying her.

Nambour Hospital was the drop site for an elderly woman, estimated to be between 80 and 90 years old. Reportedly, a man had located her wandering nearby in Mooloolah Valley and delivered her there. Upon further questioning by authorities, it became clear that the individual who brought her there was not connected to the elderly lady nor did he display any malicious intent toward her.

Although an extensive media campaign has been launched across the nation, no one has come forward to assist law enforcement in resolving her identity conundrum. At first, she was mum when admitted into the hospital; however, gradually began conversing with medical staff – yet still unable to confirm her name or grant consent for any exams. As she improved physically and mentally, it was decided that transferring her to Sunshine Coast University Hospital would be best.

Acting Inspector Robertson happily informed everyone that her health had improved significantly and she was looking much better than when she first arrived at the hospital. She is also gradually developing more conversational skills with other members of the medical staff, which is a good sign for her recovery process. “She’s much improved, she’s improving daily and getting her strength back. But she was frail and still is.” He continued, “Health authorities have been taking care of her. We’re just making sure her health and safety are well managed.”

In a desperate search for Sarah, her family has reached out to local RSLs, aged care centers, and medical facilities in the area as well as shopping centers. The only thing that could possibly shed light on this mystery is the rustic gold dress ring Sara wears!

The authorities are hoping that with the unique ring on her finger, they will be able to share pictures of her improved state and the ring for recognition purposes. By showcasing such evidence, individuals may be able to identify this woman more easily. He stated, “We got an updated photograph and she was also wearing a ring that may be identified.”

Although they had not yet started a criminal inquiry, the officers were working to uncover more information in order to establish her permanent residence. Furthermore, he noted that there was no evidence of elder mistreatment. “We just want to reunite her with her family because we don’t know who she is. All the names that we have been provided, we are confident it is not them.” Robertson continued, “Obviously, there might be more of a story to tell when she is reunited, and the family can speak to us. The missing piece to the puzzle. It just takes one person who knows a person to make a phone call.”

Your help is needed to spread this woman’s story and photo in hopes of aiding the authorities in reuniting her with her family. Her identity remains unknown, so let’s join forces to bring closure and peace of mind for those who care about her by helping them find their way home. Surely, they are anxious for news regarding their missing loved one and would appreciate a safe return soonest possible!