Chris Salvatore, 31, moved to West Hollywood to pursue his ambition of becoming a major celebrity when he was a kid. He never anticipated forming a friendship with his eight-to-nine-year-old neighbor in West Hollywood. Chris first noticed Norma Cook looking out of her window while gazing upon the busy world of West Hollywood. She would always greet the young actor with a smile, and he quickly realized that she lived on the same floor as him down the hall.

Norma, on the other hand, was aware that Chris had discovered Norma alone in her West Hollywood home with just her cat for company. Because he had some free time on his hands, he started going to see Normal at regular intervals. He enjoyed spending time with her and keeping her company, to say the least. They were fast friends, and they spent more and more time together when they were at home at the apartment complex.

During their blossoming relationship, Chris began sharing photographs of the two of them on his social media accounts. Although he has the features of a movie star, Chris feels that Norma stole the limelight while they were together on social media. He kept his followers updated on all the wonderful things he planned to do with Norma, including a pizza night where they ate pizza and sat on her bed.

Norma’s life subsequently took a turn for the worse, and she was diagnosed with leukemia. Medical expenses began to mount up. Chris turned to social media in order to raise money for his elderly neighbor who was being priced out of her home. For the woman he had developed a friendship with, Chris raised over $30,000 in a single night through GoFundMe.

However, the funds proved insufficient. That’s when Chris offered Norma something from the bottom of his heart – he invited her to move in with him. She would no longer have to pay rent or electricity bills if she lived with him. Furthermore, Chris would be able to keep an eye on her at all times if she moved in with him.

“As much as I’m here helping her, she’s helped me tremendously. It’s really brought me back to what’s important: family, love, human kindness,” he said to NBC News.

Norma remained on Chris’ life for only a few years before dying. After initially living with him, she lived for a few years more. When she did pass away, he used social media to express his sadness about her loss.

“Perhaps Norma’s lasting legacy is that her story helped the world to see the true meaning of love. Norma reminded me that we all are created to love and all desire to be loved,” he posted on Instagram. Chris’s tale is one of empathy and compassion. He invited his elderly neighbor into his home when she was in need of assistance, even though he didn’t expect anything in return. His social media posts indicate that Norma brought as much joy to his life as he did to hers. In a world where hatred is all too common, stories like Chris and Norma remind us that love exists.