Gardening and barbecuing are summer staples, and you can have the best of both worlds with this ingenious grilling hack! Everyone loves some smoked meat, but not everyone lives near a good roadhouse or has the type of grill necessary to get the best results.

You can get an authentic Southern experience with this fun invention that requires just a few items like a clay pot, a smaller clay pot or tray, one circular cooking grate, a thermometer and an electric plate.

To make your smoker, all you’ll need to do is place your largest pot over an electric plate. It should be no less than 1000 watts to ensure that your meat is cooked thoroughly. Next, drill a hole in the bottom of your largest clay pot that is just big enough for the electric plate’s cord to fit through.

Then use the drill to assemble a handle on your second, smaller clay pot that will act as the lid. You can do this using an eye bolt, bolts, washers and nuts. The second clay pot should fit easily over the larger one and leave no room for air to escape around the edges.

Lay your cooking grate over the largest pot and prop the pot up on two to three bricks so it doesn’t wobble. You should also place some smaller pieces inside to prop the hot plate up and allow for air circulation.

Once you’re ready to start cooking, place a pie pan of wood chips over the hot plate and your meat on the cooking grate above.

You should maintain a temperature of 200-220 degrees, and you can measure this with the thermometer you place on top of the lid.