The humorous and prankster woman who tricked the husband into honoring the deathwish of watering a plastic plant for five years. The news of death is not an excellent experience to family and friends of the deceased. The news tends to leave the bereaving lonely and devastated. The memories are what consoles those who were close to the departed after they are gone. Below is a story of one woman who died, leaving the husband behind but still maintaining her husband’s and family’s smile even after her death. Phedre Fitton is the woman’s name, her description according to her husband is that she was humorous, and a cheeky and impressive prankster. The two had a severe marriage union since they were of age sixteen. Phedre also came up with a joke on her death to keep her family going. She had been battling cancer before she succumbed to it and left her husband a death wish. The wish seemed like a regular and straightforward request. It stated that the husband should continue watering Phedre’s bathroom plant. The husband, Nigel Fitton, kept watering the bathroom plant as requested and honoring his wife’s memory. According to the daughter, Antonia Nicole, the 69-year-old husband and father was devastated but remained faithful to fulfil the death wish.

Nigel Fitton watered the plant daily, and although he noticed the water running over the bathroom floor, he never took severe note because the flower kept flourishing. At some point, Nigel suspected leakage from the toilet because of the water puddles forming on the floor after watering the plant. He never suspected anything else until after five years when he was moving out. The daughter explains that the plant looked so unique, and the husband could not resist himself from moving out with the plant. During this time, he realized the truth about the plant he had been watering for five years. It was plastic. The two laughed so hard after realizing the prank and Nicol shared pictures of the incident on social media and their new home in South Africa. The incident gave them the thought of the mother being with them.

The family had been devastated by the news of this woman’s death, but the bathroom plant incident revived the memories and the thoughts and the memories of her pranks and humor when she was alive. The idea was if Phedre were around for the five years, she would have laughed so hard every morning when she watched her husband water plastic plants. After Nicol posted the pictures and the story, well-wishers left many comments, and these comments also reminded Nicol, and her father about the kind of woman Phedre was. Even in her deep sleep, she still touched many’s lives through her sense of humor.