In a shocking incident captured on video, Lisa Nacrelli, a resident of Ohio, assumed the role of a Child Protective Services (CPS) worker in an attempt to kidnap a 4-year-old boy. The footage exposes the unsettling moment when Nacrelli approached the young child, engaging him in conversation and even touching him.

The incident unfolded on Saturday in a Cincinnati suburb, where the unsuspecting boy was innocently playing in his front yard. Home surveillance cameras recorded the entire encounter, providing evidence of Nacrelli’s sinister plan. The Norwood Police Department swiftly responded by charging Nacrelli with criminal child enticement, burglary, and impersonating an officer.

The video shows Nacrelli approaching the boy, placing her hand on his back while engaging him in conversation. Concerningly, she repeatedly ran her hands through his hair and on his back, making the child visibly uncomfortable. In an attempt to persuade him, Nacrelli invited the boy to accompany her, mentioning a “really pretty car seat” waiting for him inside her vehicle.

Alarmed by the unusual encounter, the boy expressed his unease, asking Nacrelli about her identity. However, her response remained unclear. Sensing his discomfort, the child promptly returned to his house, stating his intention to seek his mother’s presence.

Undeterred, Nacrelli persistently waited outside, hoping to gain entry into the boy’s home. She continued to portray herself as a CPS worker, providing the mother with her name and even reciting the names of the family’s children. However, her ruse quickly fell apart as suspicion grew, leading the parents to contact the authorities upon reviewing the distressing video footage.

Nacrelli, in a handwritten statement, attributed her behavior to intoxication but claimed to have acted in the child’s best interest. However, her prior encounters with law enforcement while under the influence raise additional concerns. Court records reveal previous charges of disorderly conduct, further highlighting her history of reckless behavior.

Following her arrest, Nacrelli faces criminal charges and is currently held in the Hamilton County jail on a $10,000 bond. As the investigation continues, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution, particularly when it comes to the safety of children.

The Norwood Police Department’s swift response in apprehending Nacrelli underscores their dedication to protecting the community. Authorities urge residents to remain alert and report any suspicious activity promptly, emphasizing the collective responsibility of safeguarding our children from potential threats.

As this distressing incident unfolds, it serves as a somber reminder of the need for heightened awareness and proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our young ones.