During a visit to a waterpark, Claire Vickers, 46, and her friend Barry Douglas, 44, fractured their legs. The pair was completely wasted during the incident and snuck into an off-limits slide just because they were intoxicated. The inebriated “fools” broke their legs on the ride since it had a steel barrier at the end that prevented riders from riding any farther.

Despite the fact that most individuals recognize that Vickers and Douglas brought this on themselves, they intend to sue the waterpark, where the incident occurred last month in Hampshire, UK, when the pair went down a closed ride at 2 a.m. The collision caused Vickers and Douglas to break their feet since they hit the barrier at the end of the slide.

During their visit to ITV’s This Morning talk show, the pair were seen in wheelchairs. Douglas said that the park hadn’t tried hard enough to keep them out after hours as a result of their injuries. Douglas and Vickers may consider “legal action” against the waterpark and file a lawsuit to recoup any money they lost as a result of their injuries.

The mother claims she ordered the pair not to go down the slide because they were intoxicated; nevertheless, they went down when they were not supposed to.

Ms. Vickers said that she was on the verge of going headfirst down the waterslide. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t change my mind and put my feet first,” she said.

“I thought it was an empty pool. I couldn’t see any water. We were just chatting away, and the next thing I remember is being hurled down this slide at great speed with my legs in the air because they weren’t on there anymore,” she stated.

Douglas said that he didn’t care about their injuries. He remarked his first instinct was, “I can’t feel my legs.”

Vickers said, “There’s nothing on this ride that says you can’t use it, no signs saying ‘don’t go down.’ We couldn’t see anything.”

According to their lawyer Tim Jones of Slater & Gordon Limited, the pair intended to sue the waterpark and filed a claim that was “dismissed on liability.” He added that there had been “no justification” for the park to close at midnight and that they would file a personal injury claim against it.

According to Jones, there were “no warnings in place at all,” which is why they broke their legs when they went down the slide because they had no idea where it would end. Vickers stated that she had never seen “anything like this before” and that she and her friend had gone to the park because they were bored.

Ben Hill, the manager of Aldershot Lido, told us that the water slide has never experienced injuries as severe as those suffered by Vickers and Douglas on this water slide.

The man who made the video, which has been viewed more than 25 million times on YouTube, said that the park would “take measures” to keep people from sneaking in after hours to avoid a similar incident. According to Hill, Vickers and Douglas were not supposed to be at the waterpark when they went down the slide because they hadn’t paid for admission. However, he told ITV News that “our primary focus is on the recovery of both people.”

He stated, “If they’re going to take legal action, then I think they should be entitled to do so but with health and safety in mind.”