Those looking for a quick fling at The Villages are in luck. According to an eye-opening video posted on the Chinese social media app TikTok, seniors residing in Florida’s infamous retirement community have adopted a unique system of color-coded loofahs that inform potential hookup partners of their preferences. In a video uploaded by Tora Himan from The Villages, Florida, an astonishing discovery was revealed – that loofahs hung on the cars of seniors indicated their openness to sexual encounters! It appears as though these retirees aren’t bashful about expressing themselves and are ready for some frisky fun with other people who inhabit – or visit – the retirement community.

Tora Himan’s video has been a huge success, with an incredible three million views and counting! In this sensational TikTok clip, the drag queen cycles through images of people using loofahs on their vehicles as signs that they are senior swingers seeking to engage in random sexual encounters.

For those unfamiliar, The Villages in Florida is the globe’s largest retirement community- larger than even Manhattan! Spanning five zip codes, it offers seniors a plethora of opportunities for leisure and activity. With more than 130,000 seniors in our retirement community, many of them are excitedly seeking companions to join them for a wild night out on the town!

In a stunning exposé, Daily Mail unveiled the reality of The Villages’ flourishing black market for Viagra and other libido-enhancing medications that empower both men and women to succeed in their intimate affairs.

As popularized by Tora Himan’s viral video, seniors have created a unique way to express their romantic interest – seven different color loofahs!

If someone has a white loofah, they are just starting out in the swinging world and have yet to gain any meaningful sexual experience.

A blue loofah means the “lowest level of full swap. Those who can play well with others.”

A purple loofah indicates that the elderly individual is an observer who appreciates witnessing sex in both private and public settings.

A pink loofah indicates “soft swap. People who like to do it with others in the room.”

A yellow loofah signifies a “mid-level swap. For those who want to have fun but are still nervous.”

A black loofah means a “full swap. Those who say what the hell and let it all go down.”

For those eager to maximize their dating potential, a teal loofah is the new way of signaling that one identifies as bisexual. With this secret code, individuals can easily select both men and women for casual sexual partnerships.

Audiences reacted with enthusiasm to the color-coding system of The Village loofah, affirming that the drag queen was on point.

“I work in The Villages. We have a paper in our desk to see what’s what when we see them drive by or clients get out of cars,” one person stated.

“Yep. My parents used to own a house there, and I often visited and saw these everywhere. I told them to do the same. They said they’re no swingers,” another said.

“Omg, this is so true. I worked in the villages and absolutely loved it!! These ppl live their entire best life’s #goals minus the STD’S (sic),” another person said.

“The loofa thing in The Villages has been going on for a long, long time. At least 20+ years,” another person wrote.