Creating a Legacy: Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton, an influence in the music industry for decades explains why even though she adores children and they adore her she has never had any of her own. Her first album for children is entitled “I Believe in You” and she says children she is cherished by children.

Accomplished Woman

Actress, author, singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer Dolly Rebecca Parton made her album debut is 1967 with “Hello, I’m Dolly” and began climbing the ladder at a steady pace. Parton earned a fortune both with duets and solos. Her sales began to decline during the 1990s as her music lost some of its appeal.


Dolly Parton has been finding her way back since 2000, releasing albums on Dolly Records; her own label. Parton explained that as a result of her high-pitched voice children see her the same way they do characters like Mother Goose, who are exaggerated. The Imagination Library which gives books to children until the time they enter kindergarten has allowed Dolly to spend a lot of time with children. The project will soon have given 100 million books to children since its inception.

Why No Children?

Dolly Parton adores children as much as they love her which is why she made the decision to start sing children’s songs and created the Imagination Library. The proceeds from “I Believe in You” will all go to buy more books for children to be given out through the program. While Dolly Parton loves children, she and her husband have never had any of thier own. She decided it is time to make it clear why she does not have children. Parton believes that God had a hand in her not having children of her own; it was so that all children could be hers. The reason that the beloved Parton does not have children seems to be rather sensible when you look at it that way.

Movie Sequels and Awards

Dolly Parton fans are impatiently awaiting a sequel to “9 to 5” which was teased during the awards in September by the entire cast. Parton has received 25 Platinum and Multi-Platinum awards from the Recording Industry Association of American and had over 20 songs hit the Billboard country charts number one spot. She also has numerous awards from the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. She is one of only seven female artists to receive the honor.

Secret to a Successful Marriage in Show Business

Dolly Parton rarely uses her husband Carl Thomas Dean’s surname although she is listed as Dolly Parton Dean on her passport. Dean who is retired ran an asphalt paving business and avoided the public all these years. The two of them are not typically seen together even at public events. Dolly has said that Carl Thomas Dean has only seen her perform once in the all the time she has been performing but they do spend time together. The couple just prefers to spend their time together out of the public eye.