Dogs are very bright. They are highly perceptive and smart creatures. Some dogs can do things that you wouldn’t believe possible. If you have dogs at home, you know some of them are smarter than others. Dexter is a good example of this category.

In February, Dexter proved that he is a mixed breed with a purpose. Despite the fact that his owner, Jeremy Henson, had departed for Las Vegas and arranged for Dexter to be cared for at a local doggie daycare, Dexter preferred to be at home rather than there.

The dog bolted out of the doggie daycare and ran two miles home, all without hesitation. It wasn’t an easy task, to say the least, but he made it. And when Dexter arrived at his empty house, he performed something that took his owner by surprise. The doorbell was ringing!

His owner was away on vacation when he discovered what had happened back home until he got a notice from his Ring doorbell. He was shocked as to how it occurred and how his dog managed to get out of the house.

Henson posted on Facebook:

“So, we’re in Zion National Park/Vegas this week & Dexter is staying at a local doggy daycare. Imagine our surprise when he rang our ring doorbell! He’s safe, but look at that 2nd pic! He was trying HARD to use that doorknob. I’m glad I walk him all over our area so he knew how to get home bc it could have turned out WAY worse with the blizzard approaching.”

So it was true; the dog had been paying attention all this time, drawing maps of their neighborhood in his head and practicing how to ring the doorbell. And after a few tries to wrap his paws around it in order to unlock the door and get himself in, he did succeed.

Dexter was mystified as to why his human was not at home, and he had no idea where she might be. Henson spoke with Dexter through the doorbell’s speaker function to keep him relaxed, which is lucky because a storm was threatening outside.

Hensor said, “We adopted Dexter to be a watchdog for my wife while I traveled, and he takes that job VERY seriously, so that’s probably why he was so determined to come home.”

Henson stated that they are very grateful for their Ring video doorbell. He stated, “Previously, it made me feel safe knowing that whenever anyone came to our doorstep, we would be notified of it. But now, I truly believe that the Ring Doorbell saved my dog’s life. Without it, he may have been stuck outside and wouldn’t have been able to find a warm spot to stay safe.”

Henson stated that there was no ill will toward the daycare center they had chosen and that they did not want the name of the business to be revealed because they were concerned about negative comments.

Dexter’s brief appearance delighted and amused people on social media. His behavior was fascinating and entertaining.