In a touching moment of faithfulness and endurance, a pup was discovered on the side of the road with all her belongings in tow, seemingly left by her owners. A passerby took pictures which were subsequently shared across social media platforms where they became an instant hit.

Maya, a female Shar Pei mix was found on her own at a street corner in South Los Angeles. She had taken the time to bring along some of her belongings such as bedding, furniture and food; yet despite being abandoned she remained serene while awaiting the return of someone special.

Maria Sanchez, the one who discovered Maya, originally assumed that the pooch belonged to someone leaving the vicinity. As she peered closer, it dawned on her that Maya had been forsaken. “I saw her condition and I saw all her stuff there,” Sanchez stated. “I knew somebody left her.”

Sanchez reached out to the compassionate rescuers from Hope for Paws, and they immediately came to Maya’s aid. With kindness and patience, the rescuers offered her treats and spoke in gentle tones as they made their way closer to her. Initially timid of them, it wasn’t long before Maya overcame her fear and opened up to these caring individuals who were there solely to help.

After extensive examination, the team concluded that Maya was in good health except for a few minor skin issues and needed to be spayed. A bath with a brand-new collar completed her makeover! In order to give this precious pup more attention and socialization, she was transitioned into an attentive foster home after only a few days of care.

Despite enduring abandonment, Maya has incredibly remained a devoted and affectionate pup. Lisa Arturo, the founder of Hope for Paws, said that “she’s very sweet”. “She’s been nothing but a love bug. She wants to be held and snuggled.”

The specific reasons why Maya was left behind are a mystery, but the rescue team strongly suspects that her family may have been forced to leave their residence. Nevertheless, they insisted that abandoning an animal is never okay and should not be done under any circumstances. “There are so many resources out there,” Arturo stated. “There’s no reason to abandon your pet like this.”

Maya has stirred the hearts of animal lovers all over the world, who recognize her profound loyalty and endurance. Although numerous people have volunteered to adopt Maya, she is still not ready for adoption yet. Consequently, Hope for Paws continues its mission to locate a permanent home where she can be given love and attention without fail.

The story of Maya illustrates the significance of being a responsible pet owner. Animals need love and dedication, not abandonment. Discarding your pet is both barbarous and unsafe for its life. Thankfully, several organizations are available to help if you find yourself unable to care for an animal – please don’t abandon them like Maya was!