There’s no doubting that TikTok has changed American culture. Even though the app was created by a Chinese company and is known to gather data on American consumers, people still spend hours upon hours watching videos and trying to keep up with the latest trends from all around the world.

There’s a new TikTok trend called “sleepy chicken” that could be very dangerous to your health. The recipe, which is circulating on the app, includes an ingredient that you can buy at CVS – Nyquil. Doctors are warning people not to try this dish because it could have devastating effects on their overall health.

The bizarre chicken recipe that first appeared on the Chinese social media platform has gained so much popularity in the United States, that the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to the public about the dangers of trying to recreate it.

A statement from the FDA reads, “One social media trend relying on peer pressure is online video clips of people misusing nonprescription medications and encouraging viewers to do so too. These video challenges, which often target youths, can harm people – and even cause death.”

The Nyquil-infused chicken dish may sound inedible, but some say that it helps with sleep and alleviates cold and flu symptoms. The FDA advises against eating sleepy chicken as it contains a high amount of cough medicine, which could be harmful.

“The challenge sounds silly and unappetizing — and it is. But it could also be very unsafe. Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways. Even if you don’t eat the chicken, inhaling the medication’s vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body. It could also hurt your lungs.”

Do yourself a favor and avoid trying the recipe for sleepy chicken that you see on TikTok or any other social media platform. It’s not worth jeopardizing your health for a few minutes of internet fame.

Not only is the sleepy chicken TikTok trend causing controversy, but there is another equally dangerous challenge going on TikTok. The Benadryl Challenge dares participants to take large quantities of allergy medication Benadryl and try staying up to create hallucinations caused by the drug.

Challenges like this one have already proven to be dangerous, even deadly in some cases. So if you’re thinking about doing any social media challenge that requires medication, keep in mind that it’s not worth risking your life for a few likes or views. Stay safe!