Disney is usually known for having very thin and beautiful princesses, but they are now moving away from that depiction with a plus-size character. She not only battles the common problem of body dysmorphia, but she also represents something new for Disney. In its eighty-five years as a company, Disney has never had a plus-size heroine in any of its films. Disney’s newest short film features a character that looks like many typical women in America, and it is said to be so emotion-evoking that audiences may cry.

Reflect is a short film that tells the story of Bianca, a plus-size ballet dancer. The character is an ordinary girl “who battles her own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channeling her inner strength, grace, and power.”

Hillary Bradfield, a woman director, helms Reflect. The movie belongs to the second series of Short Circuit films, which are experimental. They provide directors and filmmakers a chance to explore weighty themes that many Disney fans might face in their daily lives.

Disney’s latest film has left many viewers tearing up, with one calling out the company for its lack of plus-size protagonists in its cinematic history. The person also said that watching the movie would have had a positive effect on their childhood if it came out when they were younger.

“Sixteen-year-old me needed this Disney short before I quit ballet because I didn’t want to be the fat girl in class anymore. I’m glad little ones will have this. Ten of ten for Reflect!”

Many people were amazed by the newest Disney short film.

“I saw this Disney short called Reflect and it emotionally tore me up. It’s about a little plus-size girl doing ballet and the mirrors start to swallow her up because of her body insecurity but she destroys them by dancing anyway.”

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Disney+ FINALLY made a short with a Plus Size lead! It’s called Reflect and it’s part of the Short Circuit short series. Let’s just say I was SOBBING.”

However, not everyone felt satisfied with Disney’s new film. Some people thought that the film was overbearing with its message that being plus-size is acceptable.

“The new Disney short Reflect tries really hard to be inspirational but it just comes across as really preachy. Bianca, the main character, is a plus-size girl who wants to be a ballet dancer. She’s constantly told that she’s not good enough and that she’s too fat.”

“I mean I get what they were going for but it just seemed really heavy-handed. And like I said, it just came across as really preachy.”

Reflect is a film that can be watched on the Disney+ platform. It is included in the library of movies and TV shows available to those who pay for a subscription to Disney’s video streaming service.

What is your opinion of Disney’s recent short film Reflect? Do you think it was a good move for the company, or do you feel that it sends a harmful message by normalizing being plus-size?