In a shocking incident that unfolded on a sunny afternoon, a 12-year-old girl stands accused of a heinous act of violence, as she allegedly unleashed a bottle of acid upon an unsuspecting 11-year-old girl during a playground argument. The distressing event took place at Vernor Elementary School in Detroit, leaving the community in a state of disbelief and concern.

The young victim, Deaira Summers, was enjoying a playful day with her siblings and cousin when an altercation erupted between her cousin and the 12-year-old assailant. What started as a verbal dispute quickly escalated into a horrifying act of aggression. According to CBS News, the accused girl’s mother handed her a bottle containing the corrosive substance, which she callously hurled at Deaira and her companions.

As the acid made contact with their tender skin, a wave of searing pain surged through Deaira’s body. The corrosive liquid burned mercilessly through her clothing, leaving her with severe burns on her back, legs, and arms. In a desperate attempt to escape the agonizing assault, she frantically tore off her shirt and fled towards the safety of her home.

“I was screaming and I was crying,” Deaira tearfully recounted to WSAZ, still shaken by the traumatic ordeal. The traumatizing incident forced her family to rush her to a nearby hospital, where she would spend three grueling days receiving medical treatment.

The perpetrator, whose identity remains undisclosed due to legal restrictions, now faces serious charges of assault and intent to cause bodily harm. The alleged attacker’s mother, implicated in this shocking crime, stands accused of enabling her daughter’s reprehensible actions by providing the corrosive substance.

Deaira’s mother, Dominique, expressed her bewilderment and concern about the nature of the acid used in the assault. The family is awaiting answers and justice for their beloved daughter, hoping that the responsible parties will be held accountable for the physical and emotional scars inflicted on Deaira.

While Deaira is now out of the hospital, her road to recovery is far from over. Wrapping her left arm and legs to promote healing, she continues to endure the aftermath of this traumatizing experience. The resilient young girl remains steadfast in her conviction that the perpetrator should face the consequences of her actions, firmly asserting, “I didn’t do anything to that girl.”

Debra Golston, Deaira’s grandmother, expressed immense gratitude that her granddaughter survived the harrowing attack. The third-degree burns serve as a painful reminder of the innocence stolen from a young girl on that fateful day.

In a display of solidarity and support, the community rallies around Deaira as she seeks justice. The alleged assailant made her initial appearance in court on Saturday, where she was granted a bond of $10,000. Furthermore, she has been ordered to refrain from any contact with Deaira and the witnesses involved. The legal proceedings are set to continue on July 18, providing an opportunity for the justice system to address this distressing incident.

The harrowing acid attack on this innocent 11-year-old girl sends shockwaves through the community, highlighting the urgent need to address such acts of violence. As the healing process begins for Deaira, the hope remains that her story will serve as a catalyst for change, fostering a safer environment for children to learn, play, and grow without fear of such horrifying assaults.

In these dark times, it is crucial for communities to come together, reject such senseless violence, and stand up against those who seek to harm the most vulnerable among us. Only through a united front can we strive towards a future where the playground remains a symbol of joy, laughter, and innocent childhood memories.