OMG! Say It Isn’t So!

Are you ready for this? Now, let me start this by saying you expect it from the other side. You do not expect this type of thing from the ones who play the good guys/ I guess everyone has a dark side.

How many of you are familiar with Massachusetts Democratic mayor Mayor Jasiel Correia? You may have seen him pictured alongside Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren. Guess what? He was arrested in June on at least 13 counts of fraud.

I can hear you all saying, “oh, no, say it isn’t so”(slightly sarcastic and sardonic in style).

Yes, it is true. It seems he was stealing from his investors to the tune of $230,000. He used the money to fund his lavish lifestyle and campaign. That also includes charges of wire transfers and falsifying his tax returns.

Once again, you expect this sort of thing from the other side. There are good and bad on both sides though, remember that.

He has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal. Now, maybe he is innocent. One could argue that someone set him up to take the fall. We will never know the truth until all the facts come to light.

The Indictment Papers

Now, according to one of the prosecutors working the case, He began this journey back in 2013. It stopped in 2017. How many of you know about the app, SnoOwl? It is an app he funded back in 2012. It is used for local business owners to find connections with other businesses and business people for funding. The app can also be used to connect with potential customers to help your company.

Now, according to one of the lead prosecutors, he started using the app to make false facts available. He used the money he got from his investors and clients to fund his lifestyle. He neglected the developments he needed to make on the app itself. While he did this, he started focusing on a potential political career.

“I invested close to $81,000 in SnoOwl. Jasiel took the money and ran”.
A customer of Jasiel’s speaking to the News-Herald.

According to more indictment papers, he stole more than $230,000 from at least seven investors from 2013-2015. He then appeared to have withheld that information from the IRS during tax time.

What Did He Buy?

You name it, he bought it. His lavish spending including things like paying off his student loans, buying cars, lavish clothing, and jewelry, multiple dating services, staying in luxury hotels, his political campaigns, and adult entertainment(I mean, you can pretty much guess what the means).

An Expert’s Opinion

This is not a case of an innocent misunderstanding or bad accounting. This is not a case of, “I did not know what I was doing, and, I am sorry that I made a mistake”. This is a case of shamelessness and pure greed. He knew what he was doing and when.

According to FBI agent, Hank Shaw, he systematically stole close to a quarter of a million dollars from the people in the City of Fall River.

As of now, he has not resigned, nor does he plan to. Among the many comments concerning this surprising turn of events was one who said, “You are supposed to trust elected officials with the utmost level of certification. This man has brought shame and disgrace to those of us who did trust him”.

Stay tuned for updates below as to what happens.Dems New Rising Star Arrested By FBI On 13 Counts