The death of Charlie Kondak, a police officer, shocked the community. He had had a character of being dependable, kind, and helpful to everyone, for many years. Colleagues of Kondak are still taking care of his family years later after his demise. Charlie Kondak had served diligently as a police officer for nearly twenty years. He was based in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where he worked for most of his time in the service.

It is while there where he brought up his doting family of his wife and six children. Charlie grew fond and close to Aleena, his eldest daughter, and he believed that she would achieve a lot. Unfortunately, one day he was shot and killed when on a routine call. He died at the age of forty-five years old. So many community members were devastated by his death. Most people in the community knew Charlie Kondak for his jovial mood and respect to everyone who interacted with him while at work. Most people there could not believe that such a great personality had gone forever, more so his wife and six kids who were so heartbroken. The family had lost its breadwinner and would never again come home.

However, life went on at the household of Kondak and was never the same as before. Charlie would miss out on his kids’ life development. Two years later, it was time for his eldest daughter, Aleena, to go to a prom party. This is a moment of pride in the life of a father when he gets to see his kid get to a new maturity level. Regrettably, for Aleena’s father, he would have to miss this moment.Nonetheless, friends of Kondak at the local police station ensured that they surprised Aleena with something. They wanted to show her of their support whenever she so needed it. The arrival of Aleena and her date at the prom was full of surprises. Aleena and her boyfriend were amazed when they stepped off the bus and found dozens of police cars in front of them, forming a straight line.

Later on, Major Jeff Young, on behalf of his colleagues, conveyed their message of appreciation to Aleena. After that, all of the cops present alighted from their cars to applaud her. They went closer to her, congratulated her, and told Aleena how proud the dad would be of her. The cops handed a bouquet to her as they all posed for photographs. Eventually, they escorted her inside the prom venue and wished her well. It was such an emotional moment that was bittersweet. Aleena Kondak appreciated the love and supported the cops, showed her, and felt like her dad was watching down on her throughout the prom party that day. It is heartwarming to see the men and women of the police force of Tarpon Springs showing love and respect to the family of one of their colleagues who departed from them years ago. They may not replace the value of the deceased workmate in his respective family, but clearly, respect and love are appreciated by the latter. The activity, such as the Tarpon Springs police Force’s is an instance that should be emulated by people in a given community.