In the world of social media trends, we’ve seen some truly bizarre and sometimes dangerous fads emerge, but the latest one on TikTok is truly bone-chilling. Medical experts are raising alarm bells over a disturbing new trend called ‘bone smashing,’ where individuals are resorting to hitting themselves in the face with hammers and other blunt objects in a misguided attempt to enhance their facial features.

The premise behind ‘bone smashing’ is shockingly simple – people believe that by intentionally breaking or fracturing their facial bones, they can achieve a more attractive and sculpted appearance. It’s a trend that has left many medical professionals astounded and deeply concerned for the safety of those who engage in it.

Dr. Prem Tripathi, a plastic surgeon based in San Francisco, took to TikTok to address the issue in a video. He expressed his disbelief, saying, “I honestly never thought I’d have to come on here and say this, but please don’t intentionally break the bones in your face.” Dr. Tripathi emphasized that disrupting the natural alignment of facial bones can result in malunion fractures, where the bones heal incorrectly, potentially leading to severe health complications and disfigurement.

Despite the inherent risks, it’s alarming to note that videos tagged with the phrase ‘bone smashing tutorial’ have amassed a staggering 364 million views on TikTok, demonstrating the extent of the trend’s reach.

The misguided logic behind this practice seems to be linked to Wolff’s Law, a concept developed by German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff in the 1800s. This law suggests that bones adapt and change in response to physical stress. While it’s true that applying pressure to bones can stimulate bone regeneration and enhance their strength, there’s a world of difference between lifting weights and assaulting your own face with a blunt instrument.

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Furthermore, Wolff’s Law is an oversimplification of how bone density works. Factors such as nutrition and hormone levels play a significant role in bone health, making the logic behind ‘bone smashing’ even more flawed.

One individual from Toronto, Canada, admitted to experimenting with ‘bone smashing’ in an attempt to improve his facial structure. However, skepticism abounds, with many attributing any perceived changes in his appearance to better lighting rather than the effects of the practice.

It’s essential to understand that while bones can indeed heal after fractures, there is no guarantee that they will heal correctly or provide the desired cosmetic results. ‘Bone smashing’ poses severe risks, including damage to soft tissue, connective tissue, and even the eyes, which could result in permanent injuries. Bleeding and lesions are also potential complications, which can lead to severe infections.

Though the majority of those discussing this trend appear to be men, it’s important to note that women, on average, have smaller and thinner bones than their male counterparts. This puts them at even greater risk of unintentional harm if they engage in such risky behavior.

In conclusion, the ‘bone smashing’ trend on TikTok is a disturbing and perilous phenomenon that has garnered widespread attention. Medical experts worldwide are united in their plea to discourage this dangerous practice, emphasizing that the potential consequences far outweigh any perceived cosmetic benefits. As social media continues to influence and shape our behaviors, it is imperative that we exercise caution and prioritize our health and safety above fleeting trends that could leave lasting scars.