Persephone’s mother abandoned her a month after she was born, leaving the baby’s father to care for her. However, despite his lack of resources, the single father was able to look after his daughter quite well as a result of his diligence and willingness to ask for help.

Richard Johnson was rewarded with a newborn daughter, Persephone, in 2015. However, the baby’s mother left her family just a month after she was born.

Johnson had no idea what to do, so he devoured everything he could get his hands on. He also utilized a Facebook group called Life of Dad, which was a “crucial confidence booster,” and helped him get through this difficult time.

Johnson wrote a Facebook status about his circumstance and gratitude for the group’s aid in getting him through it. The statement spread like wildfire.

In the caption, Johnson revealed that he doesn’t know why Persephone’s mother fled – postpartum depression, he believes, had a role. But, in any case, he needed assistance and the group’s help helped him get through it.

Richard confesses that Persephone’s mom’s habits was uncharacteristic. He identified her with post-partum anxiety, which has actually been understood to trigger brand-new moms to act unexpectedly. However that did not matter at that minute since Richard was a single dad in charge of his newborn child’s life– and he was just twenty-one years himself.

After receiving so much support for his post (the page has 95,000 reactions), he decided to start a blog chronicling his experience being a single father.

Persephone had holes in her heart, according to Johnson, and needed surgery. He once again reached out to his online community for assistance.

Even the surgeon was amazed, according to Johnson: “Persephone’s operation was a success, baffling the surgeon. “The doctor was flabbergasted and said, ‘I’m astonished but I don’t know how this is possible,’” recounted Johnson. Several of my coworkers took a look at it and they all agreed that

Johnson’s love life also overcame its difficulties, as he revealed on the page that he was seeing a lady named Jennifer who treated Persephone like a mother.

Johnson wrote a heartfelt birthday message to Persephone just over a month after her operation, informing the pup how much his life had changed with her inside.

“They say the child learns for the parent, however I feel I am learning more from you than you ever could from me. I look at you and can’t just help feel like everything will work out the way it should,” he said. “I’m going to give you the world one day Miss Lilith. I’ll work myself to death to do it. Everything you can ever want will be yours or I’m going to die trying.”

Johnson was thrust into the unknown of parenthood alone, and he did the proper thing by seeking assistance wherever he could find it. He conducted his own study and was bold enough to thank those who helped him. The community, in turn, continued to support him and undoubtedly had a hand in raising Persephone — according on some authorities.

A great deal of time has actually passed from the day Persephone’s mom deserted them to the day that Richard composed the post. And he feels he has actually advanced a lot as a dad.

” We’re both extremely delighted now and continue to grow together every day. She’s now 10 months, and I now get asked by my buddies for parenting recommendations continuously. We have actually come a long method, my child and me, and we certainly owe part of that to this page and individuals within it. So from both people, we wished to thank you.”

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