An elementary school on the west coast of the United States of America has made headlines; after a parent confronted the school district during an open board meeting. The upset father took the podium and voiced his opinion about a council program called American Islamic relations. His children attend the San Diego elementary school where the program implemented to protect Muslim students is being operated. The father, Christopher Wyrick, looked at the board meeting trustee and asked: at what point did you decide it was okay to teach my children about Islam.

Kevin Beiser is the Trustee of the San Diego Unified School District. During his address to the parents and attendees at the board meeting, Beiser clarified the the objectives for the American Islamic Relations Program. There has been an increase of bullying throughout schools in the United States Of America. Students who are of Islamic descent have experienced a significant increase in bullying. Kevin Beiser told those in attendance that the district will not allow Muslim students who attend San Diego schools to be spit on. This statement by the board trustee was followed up by a parent agreeing; and saying that all children should feel safe while they are at school. Christopher Wyrick, still standing at the podium, yelled to the board members that he would have to be dragged out of the meeting if they wanted him to leave. Shortly after the meeting, cell phone footage of the the angry father’s rant surfaced and went viral. During a Facebook post of the video, one person applauded Christopher Wyrick; saying keep after them. Another Facebook user commented on the video and began a rant of their own. The unnamed facebook account blamed the San Diego School District for using anti-bullying programs to push an agenda. CAIR is not a legit organization, rather a front for the Islamic Brotherhood said the anonymous Facebook account.

In a separate post of the video, other people posted similar comments. A mother who appeared to be angry stated that CAIR is a masked name for the group HAMAS. She proceeded to mention that the United States of America is allowing Muslims to infiltrate the American school systems; and that the information being taught is forced conversion of the Islamic culture. Since the video was posted, there has been hundreds of comments and replies in response to Christopher Wyrick speaking his mind at the board meeting. Chris Wyrick first became aware of the implemented Islamic American relations program from a conservative website. The developers of the site shared the information and also shared similar views to Wyrick. The superintendent of the San Diego school that his children are registered to assured those attending the board meeting that all efforts are being made to protect every student.