Every day, depraved men kidnap young women and girls from their families and sell them into sex slavery rings. The relatives of the victims frequently have no idea what happened to their precious daughters, forcing them to look high and low for news of their whereabouts. But one Spokane, Washington father, 60-year-old John Eisenman, knew that 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen had kidnapped his daughter and sold her into sexual slavery, so he went looking for Sorensen’s location and carried out his own brand of street justice.

After his daughter was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery, Eisenman learned that she had been trafficked like a piece of property. In October 2020, Sorenson sold the girl to a Seattle sex ring after dating her. At the time he sold her into slavery, Sorenson was the alleged boyfriend of Eisenman’s daughter.

Eisenman rescued his daughter from the Seattle sex ring before she was heavily abused. He brought her back home to Spokane and did everything in his power to protect her from people like Sorenson.

After his daughter’s rescue, Eisenman went looking for Sorenson and confronted him. Instead of giving him a scolding, Eisenman kidnapped the sex trafficker, tied him up, and stuffed him into the back of his automobile’s trunk. He beat the offender to teach him a lesson. Don’t put our daughters’ lives in danger by selling them into sexual slavery rings.

John Eiseman killed Andrew Sorenson.

In a statement, authorities said: “Eisenman subsequently assaulted the victim by hitting him in the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death.”

When neighbors noticed an abandoned vehicle in their neighborhood, the remains of the bad guy were discovered. The automobile had been left for a long period and was now emitting a foul odor and growing mold, implying that whatever was within was decomposing.

Brenda Kross, Eisenman’s fiancée, owned the car. It was only a matter of time before authorities connected the dead body in the backseat to Eisenman.

The remains of Sorenson, bound and beaten to death in the back of an abandoned vehicle, were discovered. He was hog-tied with his ankles and hands locked together, and there were a number of stab wounds across his body and clothing, suggesting that he had been murdered by someone using a knife.

The police showed up at Kross’s house concerning the 1991 Honda Accord. Eisenman answered the door and said that somebody had stolen it.

Later, Kross informed authorities that their underage daughter had been sold into sex slavery by Sorenson and that they’d come to Seattle to rescue her.

Finally, Eisenman confessed to the murder – he had committed Sorenson’s murder in cold blood to revenge his daughter’s death. He was arrested and his bond was set at $1 million on first-degree murder charges.