As a parent, you are expected to raise your children in the best way possible, recognizing their good behavior and punishing them when they perform wrong. You are supposed to be the ideal role model for your children in all aspects of life. Personal sentiments on occasion get in the way of some parents, particularly when influenced by outside influences, and they end up maltreating their children.

This is the most typical scenario among step-parents, and it seldom ends well for the kids. It motivates other people to come to the child’s aid.

For one Kelsea Johnson, a teenager who had just turned sixteen, the desire to enjoy her youth like her peers was universal. The young lady wanted to have the same fun as her buddies and thought that some highlights in her hair would be fantastic. Christin Johnson took Kelsea to a salon for birthday presents, where she had all of it done as a gift for her daughter’s birthday.

Kelsea was delighted, and she couldn’t wait to show her father, who resided with her stepmother in another town. The young girl had no idea that she was about to experience a surprise for the worst.

When Kelsea returned home, she was crying bitterly. All of her beautiful hair had been cut off. She made the effort to inform her mother about what had happened to her hair. It was as if she’d been born a boy with all of that short hair. Christin recognized immediately that it had not been Kelsea’s choice to have her hair cut.

She was distressed and enraged at her daughter’s stepfather and father. What was the big deal with having highlights in her hair, she thought. She didn’t want to feel like a kid when it came to her special day.

The furious mother took to Facebook to express her anger. She posted two photographs, one of which showed Kelsea smiling with her highlighted hair and the other showing her in tears after being returned home with what appeared to be a bad haircut. Christin just couldn’t fathom why her father and his new wife had to chop off her locks.

It’s just too bad they didn’t. If they were that awful, they could have had the highlights removed or even sent her back. It was made worse by the fact that Kelsea wanted them for her birthday, and her mother had given her permission and even paid for them.

As word of Kelsea’s abduction spread through the community, her father and his wife were relieved of their duties as firemen at Middleton Town Fire Department. Christin and her daughter opted not to pursue charges against the couple, but it was doubtful whether the girl would see them anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Kelsea’s godmother and a few of her employees helped her select a beautiful wig. They all hoped that she would be able to regrow her hair soon enough.

This is a very unusual instance of excessive punishment. It does not seem reasonable to me that anyone’s hair would be cut off as a result of adding highlights. They had numerous options, such as informing her not to do it again. Punishment is meant to teach a lesson in a manner that doesn’t aggravate or humiliate the person being punished. It’s possible the pair’s reasons were driven by more than just an aversion to the highlights.