Snakes are considered to be ruthless predators that can only live in the wild. However, some people keep snakes as house pets. This is usually allowed as long as you can take, you are familiar with the proper ways to take care of the snake. A recent video of a snake emerged. People viewed it in horror as they feared for the baby’s life. The snake was a household pet of Mr. Jamie Guraino he was present with at the time filming. The video received a lot of criticism from viewers from all over the world. This was because the snake’s size suggested it was capable of consuming prey even more significant than that of the toddler. Jamie acquired the Burmese Python and gave it the name Nay-Nay. Many people who viewed the video believed that Jamie was putting his 14-month-old daughter’s life in jeopardy. His voice can even be heard in the video, surprising the viewers that he seemed to be calm. Jamie was calm because he said, “He raised the snake since it was the size of a rubber band.” Jamie is also an established snake handler as ABC7 News reported it.

Jamie is also a well-known snake charmer starting from the tender age of his teen. Snake charmers are commonly referred to as the practice of a skilled professional appearing to hypnotize a snake. It can be done by either playing or waving around an instrument commonly referred to as a pungi. The performance also includes doing acts usually considered to be hazardous. Jamie considered snakes to be highly misunderstood and regarded the people with contrary opinions to be brainwashed. He also addressed people with negative views and urged them to take a moment before seeing his actions as irresponsible. Jamie has a strong belief that snakes can be gentle and loving creatures. He stretched the point that he is a snake lover, and he is committed to portraying snakes in a positive light to the world. People are used to Nature, showing the predatory Nature of the Python. These shows usually demonstrate the power and strength of the snake as it squeezes its prey. Pythons usually are made of pure muscle and can make prey of almost anything they can catch.

Experts commonly say that they are not aggressive but instinctive creatures. It is capable of causing significant harm to a creature five times its size. This is the reason so many people responded to the video in fear. Experts also say that these creatures are generally docile and sometimes attack handlers. They say that Burmese pythons are highly predatory creatures that live on a specific diet of mammals and birds. They prefer to kill their prey through a method known as constriction, squeezing the air from their prey as they inhale increasing pressure until they suffocate. The video only served to prove Jamie’s point that a snake can be a gentle creature and has the knowledge to distinguish its owner from food.