Melania Trump´s life ended up changing forever in 2004. After dating Donald Trump for a while, they got engaged and eventually married in 2005. The wedding itself was lavish but it was a little bit less in price due to it being held outside of the normal time of year that weddings are held. After being married for 10 years, Melania was once again the center of attention after her husband officially ran for president, which threw her diamond ring into the spotlight as a conversation starter among many American voters.

Although many changes have occurred throughout their marriage and time together, Melania knows how to show off her diamond just as she did when she first received it after accepting his hand in marriage. It is believed that her ring cost a pretty penny, although the price has never been revealed. It can only be speculated upon because of the type of diamond and its cut that both Melania and Ivanka Trump wear on a daily level. According to some diamond experts, the engagement ring that Melania obtained was 15 carats, an emerald cut, D Flawless, which Graff furnished and is thought to have a value of around $3-$3.5 million. After making the purchase, Donald Trump boasted about how he obtained it for half the value. This claim is likely false for the simple fact that the ring´s designer has and will never sell any of his rings for anything less than retail. In fact, Graff stated that the rings sold are not sold to promote or obtain publicity.

With the initial ring cost a few million for Melania, the 10 year anniversary saw Trump purchasing a completely new ring to mark the special occasion with Melania. The 10-year anniversary ring was an upgrade from the original and a total of 25 carats, which Graff also supplied. It is the same ring that she is seen wearing in her portrait hanging in the White House. Today, the ring would likely have a value of more than $3.7 million. The reason why is because of the significant size difference between the two rings. However, it is not thought to be a D Flawless grade, which is the highest quality that a diamond can reach.

Similar to what Melania wears, Ivanka also opted for a sizeable ring for her engagement. Prior to her marriage to Jared Kushner, he made certain that the ring she wanted was the ring she got. This included it being a big rock although it is thought to be not as expensive as the ring that Melania currently wears. At the time of marrying Jared, the ring she flashed was estimated to be 5.22 carats, cushion-cut, and D Flawless quality on top of a band encrusted in diamonds. The value is estimated to be around $500,000. It is rumored that the design of the ring was done by Ivanka while Jared had chosen the center cut diamond. This showed that Jared was in control of how much the ultimate price of the ring would be.