Dog attacks are a difficult topic to think about, but they do occur more often than we might wish. Even those dogs who are beloved members of a family can sometimes attack their owners. When a dog attacks a small child, it can be a painful experience for everyone involved. The child may not have been intentionally provoking the dog, but at the same time, the dog should not be given permission to harm the child. This is a topic of debate.

A mother finds herself in a heated discussion with dog enthusiasts after their family pet, a cocker spaniel, bit her three-year-old daughter, Milana. It is possible that Milana may have provoked the dog by behaving in a way that bothered the dog, which can happen with kids because it’s in their nature.

Klara made a TikTok video explaining her decision to not euthanize her dog, Bart. She clarified that Bart was only protecting himself and did not intentionally harm her daughter. Klara’s followers paid close attention as she provided her perspective on the dog’s behavior when he attacked her toddler daughter, causing three cuts on her face.

“He was very sick!” the mom said in one video. “And tries to hide under the bed.. his hind legs gave out, and he couldn’t crawl away… (from the curious and loving toddler sister).”

Klara added, “(Our) 3-year-old daughter did not understand that the dog needs to rest today and not touch him… she began to touch him even more, sit on him and climb into his face and hurt him…”

In a previous video, Klara revealed that she and her husband got divorced because he wanted her to give up her dog, Bart. He believed that Klara should have let go of Bart after he bit someone and possibly because of other issues that occurred during their marriage.

Milana, who is currently five and a half years old, has scarring on her face resulting from a dog bite inflicted by Bart.

“For those who asked to see how the scar looks now after a dog bite,” Klara stated. The mother suggested that the scar may still be visible due to the doctor’s skill (or lack thereof) rather than the dog’s aggression.

“The doctor did not tighten the stitches to the end due to a possible infection, so the scar turned out to be wide. We are planning to do a scar resurfacing. If there are those who want to help our princess, we will be eternally grateful,” she said and shared a fundraising page link.

Should dogs that have attacked children be allowed to remain in the presence of children?