It’s an enchanting experience for all your senses, but especially your eyesight.

The goal of this optical illusion is for players to find all 11 animals in the portrait of a face within 21 seconds. People are straining their eyes attempting to solve this puzzle, which entails finding all 11 animals in this face’s portrait.

The multifaceted image, whose creator and origin are unknown, depicts a person’s head merged with those of a tiger and an elephant-like grotesque mythological monstrosity on its own.

According to Jagran Josh, there are eight other animals hidden in the illustration.

Do you see all of them?

The animals include a swan, a snake, two pigeons, a crane, a large fish, a small fish, a wolf, a cow and a rabbit. But pro-tip: don’t be fooled by the Two-faced human–he’s just a decoy!

If you can’t find them all, don’t worry. Jagran Josh provides a detailed answer key with every animal in full view. The hardest one to spot is the cow; it’s right between the man and woman’s shared eye.

This isn’t the first time a scavenger hunt based on an animal has perplexed viewers. This optical illusion challenges individuals to find 10 animals hidden in a seemingly barren landscape painting.

That’s not all, though. Take a look at this reptilian retinal problem, in which the objective is to spot the snake among the turtles within 15 seconds.

However, if you can’t solve any of these visual jigsaw puzzles, don’t worry. We have an optical illusion anthology with a variety of perception problems for all levels.