People have different reasons for coming together to be coupled. Some come together for companionship while others start a family and become parents. Some people want to get children and take care of them among them, is Jeanne Briggs. She loves to spend her time with children, this satisfies her. Before Jeanne got married he had a dream of having her own children. She wanted to be a mother thus wanted to know more about her husband Paul’s option on having children of their own. On their first date, they spent on a babysitting job and as they were married they definitely passed the test.

They got married in 1976 and right after they started getting their own children. The question that many will ask is how they ended up with 38 children. When the couple was blessed with 3 children they wanted to have more children but using a different way. After having their six biological children they started adopting others from various countries. They adopted 32 children from different countries some come from Ghana, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Mexico, and Russia. They have 38 children but no one knows if they are satisfied with them or they are thinking of adding others. The care they give the children leaves many with so many questions. They have taken care of these children and seven of them are adults. They did not just adopt the 32 children just for growing their family but some of them are special kids who need to be carefully looked at and given special medical attention. They are taking good care of them and have a strong belief that they will continue providing the kids with special and basic needs.

Many would ask how they feel and manage to provide for 38 children. With their big family, Jeanne says that they manage by following a routine while being keen on the special needs of her children. They have to be extra in their organization to make sure that all the needs are met. Jeanne says she might have OCD has she works well with the organization. Also, she says that to avoid arguments in a large family one needs to organize themselves. With the organization in a large family, everything is done on time and it makes sure there is equality. They start their day with breakfast followed by cleanliness. Being a big family they need to clean up to reduce dirt. Then after cleaning they will embark on learning. They homeschool the children and they have succeeded to do so for their biological children. The couple is thankful for their big family. They do not regret any moment in their life for having such a family. She is very grateful for her family. They could only pray for a child and they start looking for one. Jeanne loves to spend her time with her children. Since she has a background in education thus everything is made easy. With the number, they spend a lot of cash buying groceries. They are not complaining about the expenditure even if the cash is a challenge to them. They love what they do and want to provide the best to their children. They prayed for these children, although they have their own challenges they know how to deal with them.