When most people see something sticking up from the ground, they leave it alone unless they think that it could be a danger to someone else. A couple in Nevada discovered something in their back yard that they simply couldn’t leave alone.

They found something very valuable in a rusty old can. When the couple looked inside the can, they found about $10 million worth of gold coins from the 19th century. There were actually a few cans that the couple uncovered that contained the coins, but the money seemed to be in good condition. This is likely the largest discovery of its kind in the country.

The couple found the top of a canister while they were walking their dog in the yard. They thought that the cans were just discs or that they would be empty.

The coins are $20 denominations with a liberty head etched on the front of each one. After finding out what they had, they decided to dig for more. The couple found eight cans in total.

The value of the coins is over $10,000,000. Attorneys are now working with the couple to figure out what will be done with the coins and if the couple can keep any of the money.