In a time when the music industry and Hollywood seem to be questioning the very essence of American patriotism, two country stars have joined forces to create a powerful Fourth of July anthem that embraces and celebrates the core values that have made America great. Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko, the dynamic duo behind the newly formed group called the Hoodbillies, have released their latest single, “Bad Ass American,” a captivating song that captures the joy and pride of being hard-working Americans.

Colt Ford, an esteemed singer and rapper in the country genre, has witnessed his fame steadily rise over the past decade. While Krizz Kaliko may be a relatively fresh face to country music fans, coming from the rap genre, he brings a unique perspective and energy to their collaboration. Together, Ford and Kaliko have crafted a remarkable musical experience that resonates with their joint fan base.

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Kaliko shed light on the inspiration behind the song’s title, explaining, “I know that many of our fans, especially those who appreciate both our music, are proud Americans. We often touch upon this theme in our individual works, and it struck me to create something that embodies the spirit of a bad-ass, proud American walking in with a guitar riff that just screams ‘America!'”

Building upon Kaliko’s sentiments, Colt Ford expressed their desire to create a positive and enjoyable song that reminds people of the importance of embracing their identity as proud Americans. Ford passionately stated, “We wanted to convey a simple message: it’s absolutely okay to be a bad-ass American. We should embrace our pride, our flag, and our incredible country.”

Kaliko took the opportunity to challenge the prevalent notion that stars and celebrities should be ashamed of their American roots due to certain political movements that the leftwing deems unacceptable. He candidly shared, “Honestly, there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. Yes, our country has its financial, racial, and cultural divides, but despite that, I can’t imagine a better place to call home. I am incredibly proud to be from here.”

The duo’s intention in creating this anthem was to provide a soundtrack that families and friends can enjoy during gatherings, reminding them of the profound love they hold for their country. Kaliko envisioned the song becoming a staple at cookouts, barbecues, and all celebrations where people come together, saying, “Why not have an anthem that everyone can play while lighting fireworks and enjoying good company? We should be proud. We are an independent nation, the biggest and baddest of them all.”

Coinciding with Ford’s Fourth of July anthem, country music has experienced a resurgence in popularity, as evidenced by the recent achievements of stars like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, who currently hold the top two positions on the Hot 100 chart—a feat unmatched in four decades.

As we celebrate America’s independence, let Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko’s “Bad Ass American” serve as a testament to the unwavering spirit and pride that define our great nation. Together, let’s honor the values that have shaped us and continue to make America an extraordinary place to call home.