All parents know that it is not uncommon for babies to cry, sometimes for very long periods of time.

However, Michelle Yates knew that something was wrong when her sweet five-month-old would not stop wailing.

Once the Liverpool, England mother checked little Gabriella’s diaper, she was the one who wanted to cry imagining the pain her baby must have been feeling.

According to Michelle’s claims, there were multiple small cuts on Gabriella’s little bottom. Upon inspecting the Pampers diaper her daughter was wearing, the mother was horrified to find what she describes as shards of metal in the lining.

Michelle took to social media to express her anger in a post that has since been removed from Facebook: “We are appalled that Pampers’ baby-dry size 4 nappies bought from Asda have turned out to have shards of RAZOR SHARP METAL embedded in the inner core.”

Pampers is currently investigating the incident and a representative from the company has been in contact with both Michelle and her partner, Lee. The parents of sweet little Gabriella say that they are not seeking any monetary settlement from the company.

They just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other babies. Meanwhile, Gabriella has been examined by a doctor and is expected to be just fine after this scary incident.