Imagine being able to proudly declare that you share a bloodline with royalty! The allure of tracing one’s ancestry has surged in recent years, with companies like Ancestry and 23andMe offering DNA tests to unveil our global roots and unearth previously unknown relatives. However, there’s a fascinating twist to this tale as experts now suggest that certain common last names may harbor a connection to royal families. Charles H. Browning, a distinguished member of the American Historical Association, has meticulously curated a list of surnames that can be traced back to European royalty. We’re not just talking about England here; these names have played a significant role in shaping the United States.

The following list of surnames holds the key to potentially unlocking your royal lineage. If your last name happens to be on this illustrious list, you could have royal ties you never knew existed.

**Thomas: Unlocking the French Connection**

The common last name “Thomas” is tied to the legacy of King Hugh Capet, who reigned over France from 987 to 996. One notable descendant of this French monarch was Philip Evan Thomas, a 19th-century New Yorker who carried the regal bloodline forward.

**Watts: A Scottish Heritage**

“Watts” stands as a testament to the reign of King Robert II of Scotland, who held power from 1371 to 1390. Among the descendants of the Watts lineage was Mary Alexander, born in 1749, who married John Watts of New York and forged a new legacy of royal blood within the United States.

**Adams: Tracing Back to William the Conqueror**

Individuals bearing the last name “Adams” may find themselves linked to the indomitable William the Conqueror, who ruled England from 1066 to 1087. One of the most prominent descendants of this English king was the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, born in Massachusetts in 1767.

**Roberts: A Regal English Heritage**

The name “Roberts” traces its roots back to the reign of King Edward I of England, who held the throne from 1272 to 1307. Among the descendants of this monarch, Elizabeth Evans was born in 1781 and later adopted this common surname after marrying Cadwalader Roberts.

**Livingston: A Scottish Royal Connection**

King James I of Scotland, who reigned from 1406 to 1437, has left an enduring legacy associated with the name “Livingston.” A more modern descendant of this Scottish monarch was Edward Livingston, the former mayor of New York City, born in 1764.

**Lewis: An English King’s Legacy**

The name “Lewis” harks back to the brief but noteworthy reign of King Edmund Ironside of England, who ruled for a mere few months from April to November 1016. Sarah Claypoole, a descendant of this English king, was born in 1802 and married William David Lewis, solidifying the royal connection.

**Phillips: A French Monarch’s Lineage**

Henry I of France, who reigned from 1027 to 1060, finds his legacy carried forward through the name “Phillips.” His descendant, Margaret Wendell, was born in 1739 and married William Phillips, establishing a new family name linked to the French monarchy.

**O’Brien: Embracing Irish Royalty**

Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland from 1002 to 1014, leaves an enduring mark associated with the name “O’Brien.” One famous descendant of this Irish king was Reverend Matthew Patrick O’Brien of Philadelphia, born in 1837.

Did you ever fathom that these seemingly common last names could be intertwined with European royalty? It’s a remarkable revelation that invites you to explore your own heritage and potentially discover your regal roots.

Let the tapestry of your ancestry unravel, and who knows, you might just find a royal thread woven into the fabric of your family history.