When you drive in the winter, there is a chance that you’ll drive on a snow-covered road. This can pose a hazard if you aren’t accustomed to driving in these conditions as you can easily slide on the road or run off the road, damaging the vehicle.

A driver in California discovered a way to tackle the snowy road conditions.

Officers pulled over the driver and looked at his tires to see what he had on them. The man wasn’t using chains on his tires for grip so that he wouldn’t slide around on the road.

He was using a unique kind of zip-tie device. The ties were placed along the tires so that they would stick out at equal distances.

The ties aren’t the typical ones that you might have at home. They are a new product by ZipGripGo. They provide the traction needed while you’re driving in the snow or the ice.

The best thing about the small ties is that they are a fraction of the cost of snow chains. The ties will gently grasp the snow, making it easy to get the vehicle going on the road as the ties will sink into the snow giving more traction.