As an old expression states, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” This is what a lady from Nash County, North Carolina believes when it relates to tough work. We regularly fuss about the little details in life, and we forget to cherish what we have.

Jaylesha Corbett has to walk well over six miles on a daily basis to get to and from her job at Bojangles’ Chicken ‘n Biscuits. When she looked for a job, she mistakenly applied for a wrong establishment so she had to endure an hour and a half of walking daily. She said, “So, I said since they gave me a chance and they hired me, I will do it.”

She would need to leave her home at 3 o’clock in the early morning simply to arrive to work on time for her 5 AM shift. Not once did she make a complaint. One morning while she was walking to work, she bumped into Sgt.Scott Bass from Nash County Sheriff’s Office. During his interview with ABC 11, he informed them that he can still recall noticing a woman walking at a crossway and it was really, really cold. He said:

” I could see by her dress that she worked for Bojangles … You don’t see a lot of people here that no matter what were the weather conditions that they’re gon na walk “X” amount of hours for work, then stand up for another 8 or 9 hours.”

The minute he witnessed her walking in the cold, he promptly offered a ride in which she happily accepted. Jaylesha can still remember that it was showering rather badly that occasion and she had no vehicle and would have a hard time during extreme weather conditions. Everytime Sgt. Bass sees her walking the lengthy path to work, he makes it a point to give her a ride. It came to a point that he knew he ought to do something extra.

” It just kind of really weighed on me and bothered me, and every day that I gave her a ride I just, for some reason, just talked to my wife about her.”

Sgt. Bass is wishing that he can by some means make Corbett’s life less complicated so he formulated a plan. He got in touch with Walmart in Nashville and talked to the managers. Collectively, they managed to think of a fantastic way to support this hardworking woman.

As it turned out, Bass was checking out an incredibly one-of-a-kind present for her and the shop manager, Iris Pierce, awarded it to Corbett. The very next day, their one concern was to hand over the present.

Right after Corbett unlocked her front door that morning, she was startled when she encountered an officer outside. Sgt. Bass ensured her that she did not do something out of line, and alternatively, shared the real reason for his visit. Corbett recollected, “I was shocked. I didn’t think it was real.”

This generous action was covered by the local area news station and the cops good will has been going viral.

The Chief of Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Brandon Medina, expressed that he was humbled by Sgt. Bass’s efforts when he requested if it would be all right to assist Jaylesya and also to watch the happiness and gratification as a result of his actions. He went an extra mile and this is such a terrific story to share.