A video making its way around the internet shows a white woman recording her three sons kneeling and praising black women. She starts the video by saying to the camera “black women are the reason Donald Trump is no longer president.” She then turns the camera to show her sons who are on their knees lip-syncing “All Hail Black Women” as the video comes to an end.

The video was originally posted to TikTok, but it didn’t take long for it to spread all over every platform like wildfire, sparking all sorts of reactions from people. Some people said they felt relieved, afraid the video was “going in another direction”, while others claimed that she was doing it only for attention and really doesn’t care about black women. The mother has since come out and responded to such comments, stating that she didn’t make the video for attention and her page is proof of that, adding “If you want to go onto my page and see some of my content, you can see some of the things I regularly do, the actions that I take to help the communities that are marginalized in the United States.”

The video has amassed a whopping 13.3 million views since it was first posted on December 30th, 2020. Since then it has occasionally popped back into the internet spotlight. Whether what she did was good or bad still seems to be hotly debated amongst people all over the internet, what do you think?