In the wake of CEO Elon Musk’s controversial comments that some on the left have deemed as antisemitic, advertisers are fleeing from what was once known as Twitter, now rebranded as X. While Musk has attempted to clarify his remarks, even making a recent visit to Israel, the exodus of advertisers from X continues. Notably, most of the companies pulling their advertising are associated with the woke movement. Given Musk’s vocal stance on censorship and his views on President Joe Biden, it’s hardly surprising that they are not rushing back to the platform.

One of the latest major players to withdraw their ad dollars from X is none other than Walmart. However, Musk remains steadfast and unapologetic, launching a profanity-laden tirade last week, singling out Disney CEO Bob Iger. This all came about after a report from Media Matters claimed that X ads were regularly appearing on pro-Nazi pages, leading Musk to file a defamation lawsuit against the far-left publication.

Iger had already pulled Disney’s advertising from X last month, citing Musk’s public stance as the reason: “Given the public position he took, we felt that the association between Elon Musk, X, and Disney was not in our best interest, so we decided to pull our advertising.” Regardless of whether there was any merit to Musk’s claims of antisemitism, other advertisers swiftly followed suit.

On a positive note for X, a new advertiser has stepped up to the plate, investing a reported $250,000 in new ads for the platform. The Daily Wire is allocating this budget to promote their upcoming original movie, “Lady Ballers.” This comedy takes a satirical approach to the ongoing debate surrounding transgender women in sports, delivering it in a light-hearted and humorous manner. The movie features several prominent Daily Wire personalities, including Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro and co-founder Jeremy Boreing.

Ben Shapiro himself weighed in on the controversy surrounding X: “Disney’s decision to pull advertising from X isn’t solely about one of Elon Musk’s tweets, especially when he offered an explanation and an apology afterward. It’s part of a wider campaign to pressure Elon Musk into aligning with their agenda.” Despite Disney’s questionable decisions in the ongoing culture wars and content creation, they persist with their self-destructive path.

Shapiro continued: “Disney and other companies withdrawing their support from X are doubling down on their misguided, woke strategies. They clearly have no tolerance for free speech, particularly from a platform that challenges their media dominance—an industry that has consistently pandered to the likes of Disney. It’s an epic showdown between X, billionaire Elon Musk, and corporate giants like Walmart and Disney. The outcome is uncertain, but for the sake of free speech, we must hope that Elon Musk and X prevail.”

Even in the face of a concerted effort by Disney and others to financially cripple X in a bid to force Musk’s compliance with their ideological stance, it appears that their strategy is faltering. Musk has managed to secure additional advertising support from Timcast and The Babylon Bee. While it may not fully compensate for the losses incurred from companies like Walmart, it sends a clear message that there are other advertisers willing to fill the gap.

Shapiro emphasized the importance of supporting X with advertising dollars: “Will our $250,000 contribution make up for X’s loss due to virtue signaling? Perhaps not entirely, but every bit counts. If we want to preserve X as a haven for free speech, it’s crucial that everyone continues to support the businesses they value. As Elon rightly put it, if Disney and others succeed in their advertising boycott, it spells doom for free speech. And if that happens, everyone will know who’s responsible.” The battle lines are drawn, and it’s a monumental struggle between X, Elon Musk, and corporate giants like Walmart and Disney. The victor remains uncertain, but for the sake of preserving free speech, let’s hope that Elon Musk and X emerge triumphant.