It’s now in the light that president Trump never sees any positive thing done by the former president Barack Obama. President Trump out lightly expresses his resentment on all matters and mostly the leadership skills deployed by Obama during his tenure as the US president. On Sunday night bulletin by the famous CNN host, Don Lemon exposed the degree of negative obsession depicted by President Trump towards former President Obama.

The Americans compare the current regime to the previous administration, and if it were possible, they would go back to the Obama era. President Trump is not happy that the Americans are using the Obamas performance sheet as his marking sheet. According to Trump, comparing him to Obama is underrating him. Though the two served or is serving as the US president, Trump is of the idea that Obama is not his equal muscle in all aspects.

It is now in the public domain that the following are the projected reasons as to why Obama is perceived to be a better leader to Trump. First, the difference in knowledge levels-As compared to Trump, President Obama is more educated. Obama has several academic certificates, which is not the case with president trump. The difference in educational backgrounds is perceived to impact the negative attitude Trump has over Obama. Citizens are attributing the qualities of leadership exhibited by the two based on their educational experience.

Secondly, the difference in their skin colour. President Trump rubbishes the idea that Obama was a better president than him because he was a black man. There is no proven fact that skin colour contributes to the success of any undertaking. Whether black or white, you all have equal chances to prove and show your capabilities.

Thirdly, the accomplishment of their wives. Both President Obama and Trump have smart and able wives. Michelle Obama is popularly known for being outspoken and her charisma, which is contrary to Melania Trump. The difference in personalities between these two first ladies has fuelled the hostility between Obama and Trump. The US citizens believe that Melania is not giving enough support to his husband in running the country. To many of the Americans, Michelle had the qualities that were an added advantage to Obama.

Legal analyst Stephanie is pleased with the CNN host Don Lemon’s good work, but for once, he withdraws his support on discussing Melania. Stephanie is for the idea that Melania is not worth her time. President Trump accuses Obama of being behind the attempt to remove him from office. Trump likens the effort to see him out of office as the greatest scandal ever committed in the American soil. Trump is a self-righteous person to the extent that he acknowledges some television anchors to have low intelligence quotient.

In his tweet, President Trump says that Obama is running scam investigations. It’s clear that any seating president would point out to his predecessor for non-performance. Consequently, former presidents would always try their best to pull the legs of the current president. Supremacy battles are bound to continue between the two, for no one is willing to support the other. President Trump is seriously attacking media personalities who, by any chance, want to tarnish his reputation. Don Lemon and Joe are among media personalities who have found themselves on the wrong side with president Trump; Don Lemon and Joe.