Memes are a huge part of the internet and almost everyone has seen them popping up on their social media accounts from time to time. Memes are a great way to make fun of a certain topic or issue at hand, but many times people take the memes too far and use them in an inappropriate way. In the past couple of months, a classic Scooby Doo meme was deemed offensive and racist. The Chicago Teachers Union posted a meme of Scooby Doo and his gang taking the mask off of a character in the show. The character resembles the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. This meme is supposed to represent Lightfoot dressed up as a white male police officer. While this meme was posted by the Chicago Teacher’s Union on social media, it was quickly taken down after the received emails, texts, and other communications stating that the meme was offensive and racist. While the Chicago Teacher’s Union did not view this meme as racist or offensive when they first posted it, they looked deeper into the meaning of the meme and realized that it could be misconstrued into looking this way. Therefore, they immediately removed the ad and stated that they never meant for it to look this way.

While mayor Lightfoot did not actually see the meme, she said that it was described to her. She was offended and upset that educators would post such a cruel and inconsiderate meme that was clearly racist. She was not supported by the Chicago Teacher’s Union during the last election, even though she was able to win enough votes to win the election. While the Chicago Teacher’s Union does not support her, she is doing what she thinks is best to help the city and the community. Lightfoot has stated that she is incredibly upset that educators, who are supposed to be educating our children are posting racist memes. She is offended by the meme and the thought that educators within the Chicago Teacher’s Union would do such a thing.

The Chicago Teacher’s Union recognizes their mistake in posting the meme, however, they still do not support Lightfoot and her approaches to business. They have criticized her for defunding the Chicago Police Department, even though there has been a lot of support to give them more funding. This is one of the main reasons that the Chicago Teacher’s Union posted this meme. They are highly critical of some of the decisions that she has made as the mayor of the great city of Chicago. They view her actions as not always doing what is best for the children they teach or the city that they live in. The teacher’s union is upset that this meme has caused such an outrage, but that the decisions that Lightfoot has made is not getting enough attention. They are upset that the mayor is not doing enough to help the people living in the city and instead is focusing her attention on the meme, which was clearly a mistake to post. This is one of the main reasons it was taken down so quickly. The attention that this meme mistake has received should not be the focus of anyone’s attention, since there are definitely more pressing issues in Chicago that need to be taken care of.