If you have never had a butter burger before, then you should definitely consider trying one. It is simple to make a butter burger. You will need to put some oil and three seasoned burgers into a pan. Cook the burgers for three minutes.

After that, you will need to flip the burgers over and then cook it for one more minute.

You will then need to add the butter to the buns. Top the burger with salt, water and butter. Cook the burger until it is done. This burger recipe was featured on “America’s Test Kitchen.” Many of the cast members were disgusted by the burger.

One chef stated that there was no way he was going to eat that. The video of the burger being cooked has been uploaded online. It has received over one million views. The comments that this video has received have been interesting.

One person commented saying that he did not know that adding fat to a burger would make it taste so good.

Another person stated that the burger was the same as the Wisconsin butter burger. Some people expressed concern about the amount of fat in the burger. However, Benjamin Shaw, who is the chef, stated that the burger is fine if it is eaten in moderation.

Source: I Will Never Make A Burger The Same Way Again After Seeing Respected Chef’s Method by internetroi on Rumble