On November 15th, a heinous discovery was made in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – three pit bulls had been cruelly slaughtered. The adult dog was found malnourished and with a broken foot; the two puppies were horrifically drowned inside of a plastic tub, caked in feces and urine. For almost six weeks this case remained unsolved until December 26th when animal control officers responded to another call from the same dumpster location – detailing yet another act of cruelty involving these innocent animals.

This week, a tragic discovery was made at the same dumpster in which three dogs were found on November 15th – the lifeless body of an approximately 10-12-week old pit bull puppy. The coroner’s report revealed that this pup had perished due to “illness and drowning.”

After an inquiry by the Myrtle Beach Police Department, authorities took Raahkeem Orlando Young into custody. He has been charged with the deaths of numerous animals at age 33 in Myrtle Beach. “Young was connected to the case after officers located a receipt discarded with a puppy on the 26th that led officers back to Young using cameras from the store and the city traffic and street cameras,” the Myrtle Beach Police Department stated.

On January 7th, Young was apprehended and charged with four counts of felony animal cruelty as well as four other offenses for not burying the animals correctly. Later that day, he was released after posting a personal recognizance bond; however, no trial date has been selected yet.

The tragedy of this case has fueled passionate reactions from animal rights advocates and the local community. Both are calling for tougher laws and swift, just penalties for those responsible for animal cruelty offenses. This is not an isolated incident; it reflects a broader pattern of neglect towards pit bulls which reveals the need to raise awareness about providing them with proper care. We must take action now so that no more animals suffer in silence or are inhumanely treated due to a lack of knowledge on how best to treat these creatures.

Before making the decision to own a pit bull, it is critical that individuals read up on the breed and understand their needs. With proper care and attention, these dogs can be an amazing addition to any family; however, if neglected or mistreated in any way, serious repercussions may follow. Anyone bringing a pit bull into their home must also recognize that they are taking on certain responsibilities inherent with pet ownership as well.

Animals are far too often regarded as mere property, their rights disregarded or overlooked altogether. However, they are living creatures that merit respect and defense. As a result, it is of utmost importance that we strive to put an end to animal abuse and neglect in our society while making sure those who commit these horrendous crimes face justice for their actions.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is fervently working to seek justice for these innocent creatures who have suffered such a heinous crime. Anyone with pertinent information regarding this case should contact the Myrtle Beach Animal Control Unit immediately; by doing so, we hope it serves as an effective deterrent and reminder of how important it is to respect animal life and realize they are not just possessions but living beings that deserve our love, protection, and compassion.