A funeral in East New York turned violent as a brawl erupted between the two families of the deceased over whether or not to cremate the body. Ormella Ramos, the widow of the deceased, was filmed exchanging blows with her in-laws at Funeraria Juan-John’s Funeral Home. The deceased’s sister escalated the fight by slapping one of Ramos’s friends. The situation became so out of hand that the casket and wreaths were knocked to the ground, and Ramos had to call the police for help. The widow and her son fled to another part of the funeral home for safety.

The family of the deceased plans to sue the funeral home for allowing the brawl to occur. Ramos believes that the funeral home could have done more to prevent the altercation from happening. Since the incident, Ramos has sued the funeral home for emotional trauma.

Ramos and her husband, Marc Anthony Humberto Ramos, were high school sweethearts who had their first child when she was just seventeen. However, the deceased’s family never approved of their relationship. After Marc drowned accidentally in Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina, in 2019, his family blamed Ramos for his death. Ramos and their four school-aged children were present when he drowned.

Despite the already traumatic event of losing her husband, Ramos hoped to have a positive memory of the funeral for her children. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of order during the funeral, which led to the brawl.

“This is really emotionally traumatizing for me and my family,” Ramos said. “I wanted to have some kind of positive memory for my children and me. I wanted some type of good memory from their dad.”

She continued, “He deserved a decent service as well.”

According to Ramos’s attorney, she had requested that the funeral home maintain order beforehand, but they failed to do so. Instead, they called the police and arrested Ramos, even though she did not throw a punch during the brawl.

In conclusion, the violent brawl that erupted during the funeral of Marc Anthony Humberto Ramos was a traumatic event for his family, especially his wife and children. The feud between the two families and the disagreement over the cremation of the deceased’s body created tension that eventually led to the violent altercation. It is essential to maintain order and prevent such events from occurring during funerals, which are already emotionally charged occasions.