Celine Dion is a brilliant singer, but this amusing late-night talk show game proved she’s also talented at other things. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they played the game “Wheel of Musical Impressions,” and Celine not only accepted the challenge but also excelled at it, as expected.

As a result of the randomization, songs and artists are assigned in unusual ways. Celine and Jimmy were required to perform the musical artist they had been given, such as Celine doing her best Cher impression with “Frere Jacques.” It’s not technically a Cher song, but Celine changed it up with her own spin and undoubtedly cher would be proud.

Celine couldn’t help but perform her own hilarious Michael Jackson impression on behalf of Jimmy for the song “One Dance,” which was given to him by Michael Jackson.

Watch as Celine has fun with Michael’s distinctive noises, including a “ooh, oooh, oooh,” a little hiccup rhythm, and a “yeah, yeah” in the MJ style. Jimmy joins in and the two channel their inner Michael Jackson while Celine sings, “Jimmy are you okay” like in “Smooth Criminal,” before the host embarks on his “One Dance” task.

Celine begins the second round by debating with herself in an extended Michael Jackson-like exchange. Finally, she pushes the button for her next challenge, which is performed in the style of Rihanna’s “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Celine worries about how she’ll impersonate RiRi for a second before deciding to go for it, busting into a rendition of the traditional song to the tune of Rihanna’s “Work.” She also throws in some unexpected sexy dance moves, which Jimmy has to swiftly end if there are any small children at home.

Finally, Jimmy is required to sing the Sesame Street song “C is for Cookie” in the style of Johnny Cash, with Celine wanting to play along at first but then letting Jimmy have it — naturally, his impersonation leaves her speechless.

Celine chose “Hush, Little Baby” in the style of Sia, a song that is practically impossible given the singer’s distinctive voice. Celine hopes Jimmy has anything she can use as Sia’s signature wig, but he only has a plush toy.

Celine effortlessly goes into the Sia impersonation, and nails the higher notes because she is Celine Dion. She even covers her face in a similar manner as Sia when performing.

Many viewers of the YouTube video were won over by Celine’s charisma and skill. One person wrote: “That Michael Jackson yes no battle was everything and then when she just started dancing like Rihanna…”

People also spoke about their love for the artist, with remarks like: “Celine is so fun. High respect for her” and “Beautiful lady! Inside and out. Very gracious too. Not to mention the talent.”