Paris Hilton, the renowned multi-talented celebrity, has fearlessly confronted negativity aimed at her eight-month-old son, Phoenix Barron. In a recent TikTok video, a content creator dissected and scrutinized disparaging comments surrounding the toddler’s appearance, following a photo shared by Hilton. The snapshot captured young Phoenix’s inaugural encounter with the vibrant streets of New York City.

In an unwavering stance against the online backlash, Hilton decided to directly address the concerns surrounding her son’s head size. She vented her frustration, typing out, “🥺😢There are some sick people in this world.☹️My angel is perfectly healthy. And yes, of course he has been to a doctor, he just has a large brain.”

Sharing heartwarming moments on her Instagram, Hilton lovingly captioned the occasion, “My precious angel baby Phoenix’s first time in NYC. ✨👱🏼‍♀️👶🏼🗽✨” The photographs beautifully captured Hilton and her cherubic son, sharing tender glances while seated on a pristine white couch during their New York City sojourn. Phoenix, the offspring of Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, whom she wed in late 2021, basked in the glow of familial love.

The couple’s first bundle of joy arrived on January 16, 2023, through a surrogate, and the news remained a closely guarded secret for over a week. Hilton eventually unveiled Phoenix’s arrival via a heartfelt Instagram post, showcasing an endearing close-up of her holding her baby boy’s tiny hand. The caption overflowed with love, affirming, “You are already loved beyond words 💙.”

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Hilton unveiled that the parenting journey isn’t a solitary one for her and Reum. They find unwavering support in Hilton’s parents, Kathy Hilton and Rick Hilton, who are utterly besotted with their grandchild.

Expressing her heartfelt gratitude for the strong familial support system, Hilton frequently seeks advice from her mother and sister, Nicky Hilton. She deeply treasures the intimate bonds she shares with her family members. Backed by their unwavering love, Hilton gracefully navigates the myriad joys and challenges of motherhood.

Paris Hilton’s response to the unsavory comments regarding her son’s appearance exemplifies her unwavering commitment to shielding her child and taking a resolute stand against the perils of online negativity. As a first-time mother, her unwavering focus remains on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for Phoenix, surrounded by family who cherish him unconditionally.

In a world where the public eye can be unforgiving, Paris Hilton’s unflinching defense of her son’s well-being serves as a powerful reminder of the love and resilience that parenthood can instill. Her journey as a mother, marked by determination and warmth, exemplifies the strength of familial bonds and the unwavering love that transcends any critique.