Many would say they had never heard of Colby Covington except maybe if they were affiliated to the UFC circles or fan base. So who is Colby Covington and why are we hearing about him now. Colby Covington was born in Clovis, California on February 22nd, 1988. He is a mixed martial arts American fighter. He fights in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship,(UFC). Covington is also the former interim UFC Welterweight Champion and as of June 2021 is ranked number 1 in the UFC rankings. Not a shabby record by all accounts his career is thriving. However, he has come to be known not necessarily for his achievements in his sports especially by non-fans, or followers of MMA,(Mixed Martial Arts) but for more controversial verbal attacks on a very well-known NBA star, Lebron James.

Lebron James needs no introduction to most he is the MVP of basketball and his records and achievements in the sport speak for themselves. But he isn’t just known for contributions to the game Lebron is also a businessman and philanthropist with strong ties to humanitarian causes. His net worth is estimated to be about $850 million. The two men are not known to be friends, neither do they seem to share any professional ties. However, this did not stop Colby from coming for the NBA MVP Lebron.

In September 2020 Colby who has always been vocal about his dislike for the NBA athletes whom he labeled as ‘spineless’, went on a direct attack on Lebron James. The UFC fighter claimed he could take Lebron down and cited that he won’t last 10 minutes in the ring with him and if he could, then he would’ve done the same to Delonte West by knocking his teeth out before the Meth got to him’ clearly referring to an alleged 2010 allegation that West and Lebron Jame’s mother were involved romantically. Claims which the Former NBA athlete Delonte West has denied via an interview he had back in 2011 with TMZ. It is unwarranted attention that has got people wondering why Covington has decided to go on the attack with no prior agitation from Lebron. Unfortunately, Covington has not stopped there. He has gone on various Twitter rants and even made snide comments at press conferences all meeting a silent Lebron who has since not responded to the fighter’s attacks.

His latest antics have now involved another of his verbal assault antics which many have since labeled as a ‘clout-seeking venture’. This time it involves a t-shirt that offensively has Lebron’s name on it with a rude word. The former UFC welterweight champion included this on his Twitter handle where he posed flanked by two scantily clad ladies calling out the NBA star once again labeling him as a ‘Spineless Coward’ It was the latest in a long line of rants he has constantly put out. At this point, many are left wondering why he has decided to bring attention to himself for these reasons as opposed to his actual career successes. Still, no response from Lebron to any of the comments.