In a world where relationships often make headlines, the latest buzz centers around a refreshing perspective on love and life. Emily Ratajkowski, the 32-year-old model known for her striking looks and empowering messages, has shared her candid thoughts on divorce before the age of 30. Her words coincide with the recent separation of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, shedding light on an unexpected trend – divorce is becoming “chic” for those in their 30s.

Emily Ratajkowski, who tied the knot with Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2018 and welcomed their son Bear in 2020 before their split in July 2022, took to the popular social media platform TikTok to reflect on her own marriage and newfound perspective on divorce. With grace and candor, she expressed her belief that there is “nothing better” than getting divorced in your 30s.

For many, this might seem like an unconventional viewpoint, but Emily’s perspective offers a fresh take on the subject. She sees divorce at this stage of life as an opportunity to embrace one’s true desires and ambitions, unburdened by the constraints of a failing marriage. Emily’s comments seemed to be a direct response to 27-year-old actress Sophie Turner’s recent announcement of her divorce from 34-year-old singer husband Joe Jonas.

In her TikTok video, Emily shared her heartfelt support for women going through divorces in their 20s. She emphasized her own journey, saying, “As someone who got married at 26, has been separated for a little over a year, at 32, I have to tell you, I don’t think there’s anything better.” She eloquently elaborated on the liberation of being in your 30s, still feeling attractive, and having the freedom to explore life’s endless possibilities.

With a playful tone, Emily encouraged those who had experienced divorce, saying, “So for all those people feeling stressed about being divorced, it’s good. Congratulations, congratulations.” Her candidness extended to responding to a fan who mentioned skipping marriage altogether, expressing her own wish for such wisdom, stating, “Good for you, wish I was that wise! I personally wouldn’t have understood marriage and would’ve worried about what I was missing in my 30s.”

Emily’s words resonated deeply with her audience, sparking a wave of praise for her honesty and support. Many followers noted the connection between her message and Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ recent divorce announcement, speculating that her words were directed towards the high-profile couple.

Sophie and Joe’s separation marked the end of their four-year marriage. In a joint statement, the couple emphasized that their decision was mutual and requested privacy for themselves and their children. Joe officially filed for divorce, citing an irretrievably broken marriage, and outlined plans for shared custody of their two daughters, Willa and D.J.

Sources close to Sophie Turner revealed that she had felt trapped in her marriage and had regretted missing out on her carefree youth after marrying Joe and becoming a mother at a young age. The couple had encountered problems since the previous Christmas and eventually separated in the summer. Sophie spent time in the UK, rediscovering her pre-marriage life and enjoying carefree moments with friends.

In a last-ditch effort to salvage their relationship, Joe traveled to the UK with their children, but the couple was unable to bridge their differences. Ultimately, Joe returned to the US with their children, who have been living with him since the separation.

Emily Ratajkowski’s supportive comments about embracing divorce in your 30s serve as a poignant reminder that life’s twists and turns can lead to unexpected opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Her message resonates deeply with those who find themselves navigating the challenging waters of divorce, offering a positive perspective on a life-altering transition.

In a world where social media often amplifies the glitzy side of celebrity life, Emily Ratajkowski’s candidness is a refreshing dose of reality. Her courage to speak openly about her own experiences has sparked conversations and empowered many to embrace the unpredictability of life’s journey, and maybe even find the silver lining in unexpected detours.

As society evolves, so do our perspectives on love, marriage, and divorce. With Emily Ratajkowski’s inspiring words, we are reminded that it’s never too late to start anew, and that finding oneself in your 30s can be a beautiful journey of self-discovery.