Richard Gere, a well-known celebrity and owner of the Bedford Post Inn in New York’s upstate area, is facing criticism from locals for his decision to install an immense cell phone tower on the property. Although this eight-room inn opened only two years ago before COVID struck, people are still quite upset at Gere’s actions. Even though he may have thought it was necessary for business operations or something else entirely, neighbors remain adamantly opposed to what he did due to the potential adverse effects it could cause them.

Neighbors were astounded when Gere, a 73-year-old man, constructed the cell phone tower on his 14-acre property. The behemoth stands as tall as 130 feet and is now visible to all of Bedford’s wealthy residents and its nearby communities.

Reports from Page Six have recently indicated that the neighbors of Richard Gere’s lavish inn are not pleased with the new cell phone tower he has set up on his property. Among those who oppose this decision by Gere include Jerry Seinfeld’s sister as well as Kate and Rooney Mara’s parents.

Unbeknownst to the neighbors, a tall tower had already been in place since summertime; thus causing distress among them. Not only is this aesthetically unappealing structure unsettling, but they are worried that it might impact their cellular connection and even be hazardous to their health with its close proximity.

With numerous protests from the neighboring residents, it’s clear that Gere had failed to communicate his plans for building the tower with them properly and give them an opportunity to express their opinion on its placement. This lack of dialogue has created a strain between him and those living around him as they feel like he took no thought into their well-being whatsoever.

The rift between Richard Gere and his neighbors has now become a full-blown court case. Although the tower is unlikely to be removed in the near future, only time will tell what the outcome of this legal battle will be. Until then, The Bedford Post Inn owned by Gere may continue to disturb its affluent New York State surroundings.

Richard Gere’s decision to erect a cellphone tower in his upstate New York neighborhood has left the neighbors of Bedford Post Inn outraged. For now, it remains unclear whether this action will be upheld or if any type of agreement can be forged between both parties. Only time will tell what the resolution may end up being.

In July 2021, Verizon sought legal action against Bedford after two propositions to put up a cell tower were rejected. The company proposed the building of this feature in order to close coverage gaps for mobile service and emergency personnel, which is required by Federal Telecommunications Act regulations.

“In the winter, I have a gorgeous vista. And I look forward to it every year. Now I’ll be looking at an ugly tower that will soon be obsolete if the location is approved,” stated Kathleen Rooney Mara.