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Tennessee House Bill: If You Kill A Parent While Driving Drunk, You Have To Pay Child Support

The pain of losing a loved one is something no one can really comprehend. Regardless of whether someone dies  Continue Reading »

11 months ago

Lori Lightfoot, Former Chicago Mayor Voted Out, Finds Teaching Spot At Harvard

In a surprising move that has ignited both praise and skepticism, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has landed a  Continue Reading »

11 months ago

Catholic Clergy’s Resistance Bars Nancy Pelosi From Receiving Communion

The resolute Archbishop Cordileone’s decision was rooted in Pelosi’s vocal advocacy for abortion rights, a stance that starkly contrasts  Continue Reading »

11 months ago

Florida Governor Ron Desantis Involved In Car Accident While Traveling To Tennessee Event

Despite the unexpected setback, Governor DeSantis emerged unharmed from the incident, demonstrating his strong determination to continue the fight  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Karine Jean Pierre, Biden’s Press Secretary, Speechless As Reporter Questions Her Fitness For The Job

In a fiery exchange during Tuesday’s press conference, Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, found herself at the receiving  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Controversy Erupts As State Officials Face Accusations Of Sexism, Racism, And Unprofessional Behavior Over A Diet Coke

Senior officials from Rhode Island recently embarked on a business trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but their actions during the  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Biden Walks Away From Interview Set While MSNBC Host Is Still Speaking

President Biden created a stir on Thursday when he unexpectedly walked off the set of a live television interview  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

RFK Jr. Breaks Down The Reasoning Behind Why Gun Control Falls Short In Stopping School Shootings

During a town hall event in New Hampshire, RJK Jr. addressed his evolving stance on gun control. He made  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Bans Affirmative Action In College Admissions

In a groundbreaking decision, the Supreme Court has invalidated affirmative action programs at Harvard University and the University of  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Trump’s Hilarious Biden Impersonation Steals The Show, Crowd Erupts With Laughter

During a spirited rally held in Manchester, New Hampshire on a Thursday, the charismatic former President Donald Trump couldn’t  Continue Reading »

1 year ago