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America’s “Dying Cities” All Have One Thing In Common

Residents of several of America’s largest Democratic-controlled cities are fleeing the city center due to rising criminal activities and  Continue Reading »

4 weeks ago

More And More People Are Leaving Their Jobs At The White House

People are fleeing former VP Joe Biden’s White House in droves because of low morale, lengthy hours, and poor  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

More And More Celebrities Are Expressing Their View On Slavery Reparations

White celebrities are using their platforms to advocate for Black people as they urge President Biden to take action  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals The Trauma That Drove Her To Therapy

On January 6, 2021, it will be recalled as a day of bloodshed and violence. In an assault on  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

AOC’s Awkward Video Is Going Viral

In a strange Instagram post, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed she was providing Florida Republicans everything they ever  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Elon Musk Calls Out Joe Biden For Wanting to Free Brittney Griner

Elon Musk criticized Joe Biden’s ongoing campaign to release Brittney Griner, a WNBA player, from a Russian jail while  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Hillary Clinton Has A Warning For All About Upcoming Election

When it comes to the unpredictability of the Trump presidency, nothing has been as predictable. That’s why Hillary Clinton  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

South Dakota Governor Responds To Mount Rushmore Demolition Calls

Across the country, demonstrators are demanding the removal of monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both of whom  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Judge Orders Town To Change “Offensive” Name Of It’s Lake

Does racism belong in American society and culture anymore? Not according to a Montana state judge, and a plethora  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Jill Biden Breaks Down Why Joe’s Presidency Hasn’t Been So Great

Since Joe Biden was elected president in 2020, there has been little improvement, according to most people. The 46th  Continue Reading »

2 months ago