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College Orders Student To Take Down His American Flag, Refuses To Comply

The debate over what the American flag stands for has often branched out in different areas, with the Supreme  Continue Reading »

6 years ago

Trump Ask If He Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize Like Obama, Liberals Are Hating His Response

Donald J. Trump is the current commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States since January 20, 2017.  Continue Reading »

6 years ago

Beyonce Is Under Serious Fire After Claim She Makes About Melania Trump

The nation’s unemployment numbers are now at the lowest rate since 2000. African-American unemployment is at the lowest ever  Continue Reading »

6 years ago

National Retailers Who Turned Their Backs On Trump Just Learned Some Bad News

It has been several months since President Trump was elected, and the country has already begun to see profound  Continue Reading »

6 years ago

Sarah Sanders Reveals Nickname For Democrats Who Support Women But Verbally Abuse Gina Haspel

Sarah Sanders has come up with an entirely new label for Democrats opposing Gina Haspel while claiming they have  Continue Reading »

6 years ago